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Hair Colorist Careers

Hair styling has always been especially popular as a beauty career, perhaps because you can see your success in the smiling faces of clients who are pleased with your work. Of course, hair styles and designs are constantly evolving and going in and out of style—from short to long…up or down…straight, curly and feathered looks…styles for round, long and perfectly shaped faces…bobs and bouffants…and, of course, whatever the celebrities prefer.

You'll learn all about:

When it comes to beauty careers, hair colorists have so many ways to unleash their creativity. It's both fun and challenging to select from so many possibilities the particular styles and colors that best suit each client. With your education and hands-on training at an Empire Beauty School, you’ll:

  • Possess the know-how and techniques to transform each client's appearance
  • Be ready to consider different types of hair, skin tones, facial shapes, personalities and clients' careers when helping each individual to decide on the color treatment that makes the perfect fit.

A Color Specialist typically earns $42,000 to $46,000 according to recent statistics. You will also have the option of working in a wide variety of businesses and locations—from salons to movie sets. And you can be creative while pleasing clients each and every day.

Success Story

“Live what you love is my personal belief of how to define a successful life. As a hair professional, I am blessed to use the talent in my hands and the caring in my heart to help my guests look and feel beautiful from the inside out.”

Debra Penzone

President of Charles Penzone Salons - Author of the My TrueBeauty series