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Hair Stylist Careers

When you were little, did you pretend that you were a "hairdresser," styling your hair and all your friends? Have you always dreamed of combining your natural creativity with professional skills so you could make others more beautiful and confident? Well, you're not alone.

Hair styling has always been especially popular as a beauty career. Maybe it’s because it is something so many of us have wanted to do since we were young. Or maybe it’s because you can see your success in the beautiful looks you create for satisfied clients.

You'll Learn About:

Always Changing Styles

Of course, hair styles and designs are constantly evolving and going in and out of style—from short to long…up or down…straight, curly and feathered…styles for round, long and perfectly shaped faces…bobs and bouffants…and, of course, whatever the celebrities consider cool.

Being able to express your creativity every day of your career makes hairstyling the career choice for thousands of beauty professionals.

What is it like to be a hair stylist?

Whether you work in a salon or own your own business, a hair stylist works on a variety of clients with many different hair textures, needs and desires.

You'll work on men, women and children. Your day begins with your prompt arrival. As you check your scheduled appointments, you set up your station and prepare for your first client of the day. Depending on the salon, you might have walk-ins requesting anything and everything from moustache and beard trims to wedding up-dos or even a child's first haircut.

Your Day Starts By:

Every Day Is A New Experience

No two days are ever the same. Clients will often ask your opinion or you may suggest certain cuts and styles. After all, you've been trained to offer your professional assessment. To help your clients maintain their new styles or current cuts, you will suggest hair care products appropriate for their needs. After you’ve worked with your last client, you'll clean up your station, perhaps offer to help out a co-worker and prepare for another day.

Empire Beauty School graduates are especially appealing to employers and good hair stylists are typically in high demand. You might serve more than a hundred clients a week, which should bring you a very nice income.

And you'll probably be able to set your own schedule and work as much—or as little—as you like.

Success Story

“I wake up excited to go to ‘work.’ I get away with expressing my individual style anyway I want. I feel much satisfaction from helping a client with her hair challenge and enjoy laughing with her while creating something new to boost her confidence. I am so lucky to be a hairstylist!”

Brig Van Osten

Owner- Play Hair Lounge & Winner of Shear Genius 3