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Makeup Careers

Once you become a skilled makeup artist, the sky is the limit…and your options are seemingly limitless. You can do makeup for:

  • Special occasions
  • Camera-ready photo shoots
  • Performances
  • Media and fashion
  • Permanent cosmetic makeup and more

Makeup artists make special occasions extra special. They help people look their best in front of a camera. Whether preparing a client for a performance, a media appearance or fashion photos, makeup artists are in demand. They can even create permanent cosmetic makeup and transform someone’s life in the process.

Once you’re an Empire Beauty School graduate, you may wish to consider:

Professional makeup artists create incredible designs by using complimentary colors to highlight and define the best characteristics of their client’s skin tone, face shape and other facial aspects.

What is it like to be a professional makeup artist?

As a makeup artist, you might work in a salon, for a celebrity, in the theater, and more. Your training and expertise will help you determine:

  • Which facial features you should accentuate with each client
  • How to apply complimentary colors based on skin tone and texture
  • And how to correct blemishes

A good makeup artist applies creativity and techniques learned in beauty school to every service performed.

Love what you do

“Kindness is the most important element—when you’re talking to people, when you’re at the desk…when you have good communication skills. And learning to sell is so important…if you can focus on encouragement and beauty and treatments and so on…you’re headed for success.”

Martin Parsons

Master Educator