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Beauty Career

Beauty Career

Thinking About Beauty School? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself First

You’ve been “doing hair” your whole life. From your Barbie’s to your BFF’s, you’ve been styling forever. So now you’re considering making it a passion. Are you meant to be a cosmetologist?  Here…

Beauty Career

Why Cosmetology Educators Will Get You

Think about your favorite teacher. Why did you like him or her? What was it that made them so memorable for you? Very few of us will say that our…

Beauty Career

So You Wanna be a Beauty Vlogger? Here’s How To Get Started!

If you’ve been considering beauty “vlogging” (video blogging), here is your go-to resource. Being a successful vlogger takes more than just great hair and makeup skills.  It takes effort, consistency…

Beauty Career

Hands-On: That’s Cosmetology School in a Nutshell

You’re starting cosmetology school soon and you’re not sure what to expect. Or, you’re considering beauty school, but you’re not sure if you would like it. You were bored before…

Beauty Career

The Chemistry Behind Cosmetology

Did we say chemistry? Yes – science and cosmetology really do go hand in hand. Most people don’t realize the connection between the two. But from the composition of our…

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice

Boost Your Book with Technology

New stylists are familiar with social media —you have grown up with it and it’s part of your daily lives. What you may not know is how to leverage this…

Beauty Career

Are You Ready for a Career Change?

If you are reading this, chances are very high that the Beauty Industry interests you. Perhaps experimenting with hair or makeup is a hobby you’ve always loved. Think about it:…

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice

5 Ways to Improve Your Portfolio Photography

As a cosmetologist, marketing your skills to the outside world is a top priority, one of which can be perfected with a few simple tricks using your smart phone.

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice

6 Things Really Great Stylists Do

1. Listen This may seem obvious, but sometimes we need to be reminded that hearing is not the same as listening. Make sure you understand and discuss your Guest’s needs.  After clearly understanding your…

Beauty Career

A Career in Beauty: There’s No Place Like Home

Almost everyone has seen the movie The Wizard of Oz, right?  If not, you really need to go out and rent it.  However, if you have seen the movie, you…

Beauty Career, Beauty Tips

How to Avoid Breaking up with Your Stylist

It’s a great thing to find a stylist who knows what you want and gives you beautiful results every time. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not always the case. Your relationship…

Beauty Career

2015’s Least Stressful Job

Every career has its challenges. But imagine cutting the stress out of work everyday, simply by enjoying what you do. In a new report by, Hair Stylist ranks number…


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