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Beauty Career: What are YOUR goals for the second half of the year?

As we turned the calendar on July 1st it is sometimes noted that this is the first day of the second half of the year. Usually the beginning of every year we make resolutions/goals of how [...]

Empire’s Future Professionals Expo 2012: Ivan Zoot’s Highlights

Empire’s Future professionals Expo 2012 The Top 10 List The Empire Future Professionals Expo has just wrapped up.  While it is all still so fresh (and loud) in my mind I am sharing my top 10 [...]

Future Pro Expo 2012: All You Need To Know

Here at Empire, we are gearing up for another fun and exuberant weekend ahead of us…Future Pro Expo 2012. This is one of the largest student beauty competition and trade show events in the world. The [...]

Vidal Sassoon – Every Stylist Owes a Debt of Gratitude

By now most everyone has heard the news of his passing. Vidal Sassoon, a name that is immediately recognized and is synonymous with hair - turned a passion into an empire. What many may not realize is [...]

Magic in Makeup: Which Student will Put Their “Best Face” Forward?

Makeup is fascinating to everyone because it’s truly magical. Think about the transformations it makes! This is an intricate, difficult art, and the public just goes crazy for the famous “before and after” looks that are [...]

Here I go to Empire’s Future Pro Expo 2012

Here I go to Empire’s Future Pro Expo… Empire’s Future Professionals Expo is fast approaching (May 20 & 21, 2012). Andis and I will be there in a big way. I look forward to meeting you [...]

Your Beauty Gurus to the Latest Trends & Techniques: The Empire Style Council

Looking for fresh tips, new trends, or have a pressing beauty question?  You can now turn to Empire’s Style Council as your ‘one-stop-expertise-shop’. Each member is an admired beauty expert in their respective field of beauty, [...]

Working with a full tool box

In order to maximize your success and leverage all of the opportunities that come your way in the beauty industry you need to be working with a full tool box. Actually you have two of them. [...]

Designing Your New Salon: Making Beauty Beautiful

As a recent Beauty School graduate, it’s exciting to finally be in a position to make the dream of opening your own salon come true. But you know that the hard work is really just about [...]

Cosmetologists Don’t Cut Corners on Quality

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business one day as a highly sought after top-notch cosmetologist? When you enroll in a college of hair design, you are taught the fundamental skills to be that [...]