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How to Find a Good Hairstylist

A good hairstylist is a treasure. There are so many out there, but finding “the one” becomes a hunt that takes time, effort, and unfortunately, trial and error. Your stylist becomes not only a business contact, [...]

Beauty Career: Tips to Becoming a Platform Artist

Are you an aspiring cosmetologist with the dream to become a Platform Artist? Being a Platform Artist is one of the most exciting careers within the cosmetology field. Why? Well, it allows you to travel from [...]

Make More Money: 10 Reasons Top Stylists Love Short Hair

1.  Short hair is the big secret to success as a professional hair cutter. Short hair will make you more money faster and build more business in less time than any other focus in the hair [...]

Men’s Trend Spring / Summer 2012

Blending, blending, blending.  Men’s hair cutting has always been all about blending.  That is not going to change.  When you have the chance to sit in on a training class with me we will discuss men’s [...]

5 Secrets Stylists Want To Tell You

1. We don’t like to “fit you in” for an appointment. This happens all too often. The hot date or big bash is this weekend and you don’t like what you see in the mirror. In [...]

Cosmetologists Kill the Bill – Cosmetology and Barbering Remain Licensed Professions

In an earlier post we wrote about a proposed bill to eliminate licensing of Cosmetology and Barbering in Indiana. Since that post last Friday many of you have spoken up and voiced your opinions. A lot [...]

Keeping Cosmetology and Barbering a Licensed Profession: Do you agree?

Recently, there has been a lot of chatter about the possibility of some states deregulating licensing for Cosmetologists and Barbers. There has been a lot of concern about this, so we thought we would take a [...]

Ivan Zoot – Why You Should Know His Name

Here’s a reason: He can help you make more money & grow your client base – sounds good right? Here’s another (and why we love him) – Nobody has more passion, energy and dedication to their [...]

You Did the Hard Part… Now Pass the Cosmetology State Board Exam!

You’ve endured it all during your time in beauty school. Good times, bad times, memorable experiences, life lessons. You hit the books hard, learned about things you never thought could possibly be related to cosmetology- math, [...]

Holiday Office Party: 5 easy beauty tips to make you look fabulous

With the holidays right around the corner so are the parties, especially those fun after work parties.  So how can you make sure you are looking your best in front of your co-workers when you don’t [...]