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Beauty Student Advice

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice

Teach Me: What Do You Really Learn in Cosmetology School Anyway?

Okay so you’ve thought about beauty school…in fact, you’ve thought about it so much you are starting to look at schools.  Online research is how most of us gather information these days; I don’t think I will get too many...

Beauty Student Advice

Positivity: How it Can Change Your Life

At each orientation I speak to the students about positivity. There is nothing better you can do for yourself and those around you than to keep a positive outlook on life. It is one of the things people around you will notice...

Beauty Student Advice

Cosmetology: Ace the Basics

I've always loved dancing. As a little girl, I feasted on musicals and dreamed of the day when I would float across the dance floor in the arms of some Yule Brenner or Fred Astaire type. About 4 years ago, I put my closet dance...

Beauty Student Advice

How to Prepare for a Salon Interview

Everyone gets the pre-interview jitters; especially if you’ll be interviewing some place that you just know is where you’re meant to work. Regardless of how you feel about the job you’re going in for, you should always be...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips

Don’t Be Afraid of Style!

Halloween may be over, but people will always have fears. Everyone is afraid of something, whether it’s of things that go bump in the night, heights, spiders, or even public speaking. But for many, and more common than people...

Beauty Student Advice

Hairstylist Training: Fun with Photo Shoots

Who doesn't love Fall? There is something so rejuvenating about this transitional season.

Beauty Student Advice

How Should I Dress for My Beauty School Interview

I know we can all recognize the incredible comfort of sweat pants, t-shirts, and UGG boots, but none of the aforementioned items of clothing help me to get to know you. On the days when we try to look our “best” our...

Beauty Student Advice

Be a Show Off: Why Creating a Portfolio is Important

I encourage everyone to be a show off, and so should you. After all, when we create or accomplish something amazing, we want the world to see it & know that it was us! That doesn't mean we expect praise, it just means we get...

Beauty Student Advice

Investing In Your Future: Back to School With All The Right Tools

Tis’ the season for all new supplies right? In this month’s blog I want to focus on investing…yes, investing! Having the right tools at hand not only ensures the success of your creation, but it also ensures fast, efficient...

Beauty Student Advice

The Nerves: How You Can Get Past Them

Last weekend was Empire Education Group’s (and Masters of Beauty) Future Professional’s Expo in Hershey, PA. It is one of the biggest beauty school student events that I know of and, guess what? This event consists of all...

Beauty Student Advice, How To's

Top 5 Tips to Make the Most of a Beauty Industry Trade Show

  June is a busy show month for the beauty industry. This includes Empire’s own Future Professionals Expo. As I walked the floor at a big trade show recently I reflected on how one can maximize their show...

Beauty Student Advice

What’s the 48 Hour Rule to be a Successful Stylist?

Hurry! Try what you just saw. You are working against the clock. You cannot escape the 48 hour rule of cosmetology education. This rule covers all of what you will learn in beauty school and continuing education throughout your...


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