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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

5 Things You Must Do in Your Twenties (Even if You Didn’t Need to Before Now)

As a teenager, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time in front of the mirror to look incredible. But, as you mature into your 20s, there are a…

Beauty Tips

How to Look Flawless All the Time

When you’re busy, it’s difficult to find the time for all the extras – like hair masks and contouring makeup. But, a few minutes a day is really all you…

Beauty Tips

Back to Basics: Eyes

Brown? Pink? Blue? Grey? Black? Purple? White? Orange? With almost every color on the wheel available as eye makeup, it can be difficult to select the shades that best accentuate…

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

How to Choose the Right Red Hair Color for You

No matter what time of year it is – or how many celebs grace our screen with blonde or black hair, there’s just something about redheads. It can evoke thoughts…

Beauty Tips

Steps to the Sexiest S-Waves You’ve Ever Had

S-waves are supposed to be easy, right? For many women, they’re the go-to style when you want to look your best without spending a huge amount of time on your…

Beauty Tips

3 Reasons to Reach for a Body Brush

For years, you’ve passed by those bath brushes in the shops. Or, maybe you bought one, and it sat next to the bathtub, used more for scratching your back than…

Beauty Tips

8 Incredible Styles for Medium Length Hair

Your hair isn’t short, but you could hardly call it long either. And, when your hair sits somewhere around your shoulders, you might not know how to style it. Of course,…

Beauty Tips

7 Bad Hair Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

There’s a good chance you’re damaging your hair without even realizing it! We’re not just talking about blow-drying it every day or spritzing on too much hair spray. You know…

Beauty Tips

5 Steps to the Perfect No Makeup Look

Studies show that makeup does make us more attractive to others. But, and this is a big but, it probably doesn’t make as big of a difference as we think…

Beauty Tips

5 Beauty Don’ts that You Know You’re Doing

You’ve been told. You’ve been warned. And yet, you can’t help it; you’re still making these beauty mistakes. After all, you’ve not experienced any troubles yet…

Beauty Tips

7 Incredible Winter Hair Styles You Want to Copy This Year

No matter what season it is, we take our hair cues from what we see on the runway, in movies, and on the red carpets. Of course, you should always…

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

4 Top Beauty Trends for 2016

In 2015 hair went pastel, lips went matte, and nails could kill  (seriously, those pointy nails were a hazard).  2016 promises to be just as fun. Here are some trends…


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