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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

Why Salon Products are Worth the Splurge

First things first. I never considered myself a good salesperson and probably never will be. That being said, by stating my fondness  for quality salon products, please know that I won’t be receiving any cool free gifts or fun...

Beauty Tips

Why Do My Artificial Nails Lift?

This is a question posed by not only students, but many seasoned Nail Technicians as well.      The truth is so many things can contribute to product lifting that we as Nail Technicians need to look at many different aspects...

Beauty Tips

Ready for Prime Time? Face Primers Defined

Face primers are popular, do-it-all complexion enhancers that seem to have many manufacturers (and users) singing their praises lately. The descriptive word choice is no accident- primer for your face essentially serves the same...

Beauty Tips

A Healthy “Correction”

Nobody wants to hear that their hair needs "correction". I mean, who wants to be "corrected"…Ever? In the salon world, it sounds like a nice way to say that your hair is in big, big trouble and it will cost you an arm and both...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Being a Hairstylist: All Dressed in Black Part 2

[caption id="attachment_4391" align="alignleft" width="200"] A statement feather and metallic necklace paired with a bold, geometric belt. The boots give it an edge and keep me from looking too dressy.[/caption] In my last...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips

All Dressed in Black (part 1)

Black. Everywhere. If you are a stylist at a salon with a dress code like mine, you have it too. The Black Plague and it's contagious.  I am sure that I began my hair career with just a few basic black pieces to get me through a...

Beauty Tips

Battle the Winter Beauty Blues with Soothing Natural Oils

During winter, do you seem to suffer from an annoying case of the beauty blahs? Don’t fret; it happens to the best of us. Consider the following symptoms and decide if you need a seasonal styling tune-up: • Does your...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Battle the Winter Blahs with Beautiful Hair

During the winter, hairstyles fall as fast as temperatures.  Fighting the battle against hat-head, static electricity, and dryness may seem futile, but never fear!  You have an ally in the war on winter hair…accessories.

Beauty Tips

Stay Beautiful this Winter

January can leave you looking, and feeling, a little dull.  Over indulgence, harsh weather, and cold and flu season can wreak havoc with your beauty routine.  You may feel down due to the short days, and unpredictable weather....

Beauty Tips

5 Style Resolutions for a Beauty-ful 2014

A new year in fashion and beauty is upon is, and you know what that means. Many style mavens will bid adieu to this past year with strong plans for self-improvement in 2014. Are you ready to change? I know I am! To make...

Beauty Tips

Dos and Don’ts for Fabulous Holiday Hair!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and look fantastic! Be merry by sporting a special hairdo during holiday celebrations. You can choose a fun, whimsical look or one of sophisticated glamour. Why try a new ‘do now? Think about it-...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Hair Color Forecast 2014: Be Bold!

The newest look in hair color for 2014 is actually an expansion of popular trends from mid-to-end 2013. Take chalking, ombre, and reverse ombre, then add color. Lots and lots of vibrant, splashy color!


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