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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

Skincare Options: What should I Use?

One of the most confusing things for women is skincare. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a friend or co-worker come to me to ask for foundation advice or tips on application.  

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tricks and Treats!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Halloween turns beauty professionals’ thoughts to special effects make-up and metric tons of glitter. Unfortunately, there will be times when your employers or clients just do not...

Beauty Tips

Fall Forecast for Hair: Warm and Ombre

As sunny summer days begin to fade, so does summer hair. Gone are beachy blonde highlights and tousled, carefree waves. Instead, the seasonal hair transition gets serious with deep brown hues, golden amber blondes, and spicy reds...

Beauty Tips

Breaking Bad Hair Habits: 4 Tips for Better Choices

Are you guilty of repeatedly cycling through the day with the same old hairstyling routine, only to be unhappy with the outcome? Well, guess what? If you don’t act to make any changes, the result will always be the same. You...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series (Video 7): Learn to Waterfall Braid & Create a Chignon

Everyone loves braids because it is something that never goes out of style, especially the numerous ways you can braid hair.  One type of braiding technique that has become popular is the Waterfall Braid.  In this last video of...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series (Video 6): Styling & Volumizing Undercut Hair

Do you remember a few years back when people shaved  the underpart of their hair and  we use to categorize them as  gothic or rebels.   Today, the undercut style is a growing trend especially among celebrities... Miley Cyrus,...

Beauty Tips, How To's, Videos

Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series (Video 5): Boho Chic Upstyle

It's prom and wedding season and we are so excited to share with you the  next video from our Sexy Hair Video Series.  In this 5th video Empire Beauty School's resident Sexy Hair expert, Missy Croquart is going to share a few...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series (Video 4): Vintage Hollywood Waves

In this 4th video of our Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series, Missy creates perfect vintage waves by using a thermal set.  If you have difficulty creating pin curls or finger waves on wet hair this a good technique to try.  It is...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series (Video 3): Creating texture & waves using a flat iron

In this third video of our Sexy Hair Styling Tip series Missy will demonstrate a thermal Iron technique on how to create waves.  She will show you the importance to proper sectioning of the hair and placement of the flat iron to...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series (Video 2): How to Flat Iron & Rock out Rounded Layers

Do you want learn how to really rock out those new rounded layers you just got from your hairstylist? The second video of our Sexy Hair Styling Tip series will show you exactly how. Missy will first demonstrate the proper use of...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series: How To Enhance & Expand Curly Hair (Video 1)

Throughout the next couple of weeks we are going to be introducing you to a video series that we created with Sexy Hair’s Master Artist, Missy Croquart. In these videos Missy will demonstrate multiple tips and techniques from...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Hair Trend Alert: Spring 2013

I am sure you are all still crafting your Halloween look and picking out the perfect red lip for the holidays. Sorry to distract you, but the Spring 2013 hair trends are knocking on your door.   Bed Head Apparently, for...


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