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Empire Educator: On a Rock Star Tour

A couple years ago I returned to our home office after working in the schools for several years. I love what I do each day for Empire but I miss being in our beauty schools interacting [...]

Adventures in Sexy Hair…The Green Bay Edition

My day started really early…3AM…I woke up to a wonderful smile and a pleasant ride to the airport. First time in 20 years my first plane was not late, but the second one was….hahaha…I got a [...]

Licensed to Style!

Congratulations cosmetology school graduates- you did it! You pursued your dream, dedicated considerable time and effort to develop your skills, and you’re now eager to take on the beauty world by storm. Armed with a pair [...]

Empire’s Future Professionals Expo 2012: Ivan Zoot’s Highlights

Empire’s Future professionals Expo 2012 The Top 10 List The Empire Future Professionals Expo has just wrapped up.  While it is all still so fresh (and loud) in my mind I am sharing my top 10 [...]

Future Pro Expo 2012 Winners & Master Apprentice Winner

It was another EXCITING year at Empire’s Future Professionals Expo in Hershey, PA.  Students came with full energy to win and to support their school.  Here is a list of all our winners and their pictures: [...]

Future Pro Expo 2012: All You Need To Know

Here at Empire, we are gearing up for another fun and exuberant weekend ahead of us…Future Pro Expo 2012. This is one of the largest student beauty competition and trade show events in the world. The [...]

Who is the Next Master of Beauty?

Even though it was a dreary day in New York City on Sunday, it was an EXCITING day for 3 professional stylists. One year ago on the same International Beauty Show Mainstage, Nick Arrojo and Frank Schoeneman, [...]

Here I go to Empire’s Future Pro Expo 2012

Here I go to Empire’s Future Pro Expo… Empire’s Future Professionals Expo is fast approaching (May 20 & 21, 2012). Andis and I will be there in a big way. I look forward to meeting you [...]

Designing Your New Salon: Making Beauty Beautiful

As a recent Beauty School graduate, it’s exciting to finally be in a position to make the dream of opening your own salon come true. But you know that the hard work is really just about [...]

For the Love of Beauty

Ahh… February, the month of love.  This time of year it’s all about showing your love for that someone special; gifts, cards, flowers, chocolate, pampering… jewelry.  But what about you? What are you doing for you, [...]