Campuses — 03 April 2011

shamokin-dam-continuesHosting the 100 Days of Empire Open House didn’t stop the Shamokin Dam school from continuing other charity events the school participates in. While many of the students were decorating the school and preparing for the numerous attendees coming to the Open House event, a few other students left early to continue the schools long-standing duty of beauty services at nearby facilities.

Every Wednesday a handful of students volunteer salon services for patients at the local hospital. The Shamokin Dam school has been visiting the hospital, giving patients haircuts, sets and shampoo services for over 22 years— the hospital has even built them a small salon within the hospital itself. Once a month the students also volunteer at a local assisted living facility offering manicures to the residents.

Back at the Open House, local businesses and potential students arrived for the fun and festivities. The Shamokin Dam school also donated funds from National Day of Beauty and presented a check in the amount of $1,347.40 to the Susquehanna Valley Women in Transition. The students were busy on the salon floor offering free manicures, cuts and styles, as well as perms and color treatments.