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How To’s

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

Make More Money: 10 Reasons Top Stylists Love Short Hair

1.  Short hair is the big secret to success as a professional hair cutter. Short hair will make you more money faster and build more business in less time than any other focus in the hair business. The math and mystery of...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

8 commonly asked questions about coloring your hair

Deciding whether to start coloring your hair is a big step if you have never done it before. You may be feeling a bit nervous especially after reading some of the horror stories out there…hair falling out or brassy orange hair,...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

Instant Manicure or Pedicure: Is there hope in a nail polish strip?

No more chipped nails, endless applications of polish or expensive, long visits at nail salons?- that’s the premise and promise of the latest fad from the nail world. They are known as nail decals, appliqués, or strips. Just...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Tips to keep your curly hair Bouncy and Frizz free

Do you have natural curly hair? Have you ever been envious of those commercials for shampoo and hair color that shows the models hair so perfectly defined, no frizz and no flyways to be seen? I know I have. Curly hair tends to be...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Virtual Beauty Makeovers: Can they help you decide what looks best on you?

Deciding whether to cut your hair into a pixie hair cut like Halle Berry, or the new Jennifer Aniston “lob” cut, or even better yet maybe you were thinking of changing your blonde hair to a brunette or red color for a more...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

Got Damaged Hair? Tips to help prevent and repair your damaged hair

Today’s modern technology in the hair industry has given us many avenues to achieve new desired looks from perming, coloring and hi-lighting to straightening, blow drying and curling the hair. We all want what we don’t have,...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

Know Your Beauty Tools: Blow Dryers 101

Ever wonder why your hair never looks the same each day? Or why it definitely doesn’t look like it did the day you left the salon? One reason for this is the effort put into styling, also known as finishing. Another major...

Beauty Career, Beauty Tips, How To's

How To Avoid Haircut Horrors: Don’t Blame the Stylist!

The horror of a frightfully bad haircut can last for weeks. It never fails- you go in with the highest expectations, carefully planning your new look for days, telling everyone how great you’ll look once you walk out of those...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

Hot Fall Hair Trends: Do a twist beauty school style

One of the great things about going to beauty school and being in the beauty industry is you will always be up on the latest trends. As each season comes to end you have to know what the next season’s style is going to be.  So...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

How does Empire Beauty School change lives?

If you have considered Empire Beauty School, you may be thinking about a career in cosmetology.  Cutting, coloring or styling hair are all some of the most popular cosmetology careers you can consider.  Other students go on...

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice, How To's

How to get a job after beauty school

Need a job after beauty school? You might be wondering what your next step in a beauty career is.  There are lots of difficult choices since beauty school can take you in so many career directions.  Once you obtain your...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Hair Care: Tips to protect your hair from heat damage

Those of us who have curly hair want it straight and those of us who have straight hair want it curly. We are never happy with the type of hair we have, does this sound familiar? Today, there are so many options out there for us...


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