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How To’s

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

How to stay up on TRENDS and TECHNIQUES in the Beauty Industry

Education never stops in the Beauty Industry. What most beauty school students don’t realize is that once you are done school, graduated and even get your state license - the learning doesn’t stop there. This industry is...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

Skin Care Essential: Is it important to moisturize daily?

So many people do not realize the importance of moisturizing your skin daily.  Your skin, especially your face, goes through a lot of abuse through out the day. Plus, as we start to age, our skin tends to become drier....

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

How to pay for beauty school

As you consider your future at beauty school, you are probably most concerned with how you'll pay for beauty school.  This is the number one concern of almost all students, so don't worry.  It doesn't matter if you're...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

Tips to keep your new HAIR COLOR from fading too quickly.

We all LOVE what our hair looks like right after we get it colored, right??? But does it seem just after a week it starts to fade away?  Do you want to know how you can prevent this?  Follow some of these tips and hopefully you...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

Hair Brushes – Do you know which is the right one for you?

In the morning do you just grab any type of hair brush to run through your hair?  Do you have a lot of breakage with your hair?  Are you looking for more volume but less static? What type of hair brush are you using? Using...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, How To's

How to Achieve a Popular Hair Trend: The Perfect Ponytail

Did you ever wonder how all the Hollywood Celeberities wore that perfect ponytail on the Red Carpet? It is easy to just pull the hair back into a ponytail but the trick is how to make it look so perfect.  Here are some easy...

Beauty Tips, How To's

Tips to Keep your Make-up Natural & Fresh in the Summer

Summer brings many activities such as going to the pool, beach, baseball games and outdoor parties; but keeping your make-up looking fresh and natural during the heat and humidity can be difficult.  Here are some great tips to...

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice, How To's

Preparing for a Career as a Future Professional in the Beauty Industry

Tips to help you prepare for your Professional Career in the Beauty Field. The beauty field has so much to offer a person but success all depends on how much passion, focus, dedication and hard work you put into it. Here are...

How To's

How social media can have an impact on your Beauty Career

    Social media has grown so much over the years and has become a big influence on everyone’s life. Some in good ways and others, well, not so good. Most of us out there probably have a personal Facebook...


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