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Holiday Office Party: 5 easy beauty tips to make you look fabulous

With the holidays right around the corner so are the parties, especially those fun after work parties.  So how can you make sure you are looking your best in front of your co-workers when you don’t [...]

Got Damaged Hair? Tips to help prevent and repair your damaged hair

Today’s modern technology in the hair industry has given us many avenues to achieve new desired looks from perming, coloring and hi-lighting to straightening, blow drying and curling the hair. We all want what we don’t [...]

Know Your Beauty Tools: Blow Dryers 101

Ever wonder why your hair never looks the same each day? Or why it definitely doesn’t look like it did the day you left the salon? One reason for this is the effort put into styling, [...]

How To Avoid Haircut Horrors: Don’t Blame the Stylist!

The horror of a frightfully bad haircut can last for weeks. It never fails- you go in with the highest expectations, carefully planning your new look for days, telling everyone how great you’ll look once you [...]

Good Communication: Is it an important skill to learn in Beauty School?

While you are in beauty school you will learn everything you need to be able to cut, color and style hair but one of the most important skills you will also learn is how to communicate [...]

Hot Fall Hair Trends: Do a twist beauty school style

One of the great things about going to beauty school and being in the beauty industry is you will always be up on the latest trends. As each season comes to end you have to know [...]

How does Empire Beauty School change lives?

If you have considered Empire Beauty School, you may be thinking about a career in cosmetology.  Cutting, coloring or styling hair are all some of the most popular cosmetology careers you can consider.  Other students go [...]

Taking a Tour of a Beauty School

Deciding whether or not to go to Beauty School can be a tough decision.  Just like any other college, visiting the school and taking a tour of the facility is the best way to get a [...]

Will I learn the Brazilian Blowout hair trend in beauty school?

Beauty school gets you ready to take the test for your cosmetology license. We teach you how to cut hair, color hair and style hair.  So, when you see all the latest celebrity trends, like the [...]

How to get a job after beauty school

Need a job after beauty school? You might be wondering what your next step in a beauty career is.  There are lots of difficult choices since beauty school can take you in so many career directions.  [...]