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Fashion Trends

Battle the Winter Blahs with Beautiful Hair

During the winter, hairstyles fall as fast as temperatures.  Fighting the battle against hat-head, static electricity, and dryness may seem futile, but never fear!  You have an ally in the war on winter hair…accessories. [...]

Hair Color Forecast 2014: Be Bold!

The newest look in hair color for 2014 is actually an expansion of popular trends from mid-to-end 2013. Take chalking, ombre, and reverse ombre, then add color. Lots and lots of vibrant, splashy color! [...]

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes for the Holidays!

Applying eyelashes is very simple once you have a little bit of practice. In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to apply False Lashes. Lashes can make your eyes go from drab to [...]

Spring Beauty 2014

It seems like the entire country has been under a freeze! Parts of the country are seeing record cold, and it isn’t even the first day of winter. It’s easy to get the blues, but Pantone [...]

The Style and Beauty “Nice List.”

Santa’s starting to pack his sleigh, and hopefully, he has a load of goodies for the celebrities that defined style and beauty in 2013. Here are some celebrities I am sure are on the “Nice List”: [...]

Decorate Yourself Beautifully

It’s that time of year. We decorate trees, cookies, front porches, cars, and pretty much put tinsel on anything that stands still for a few seconds.  So, why don’t you take some time out this holiday [...]

2013 Beauty Trends: Thanks and Turkeys

This time of year is about gratitude, and we should be grateful that 2013 was an exciting year for beauty. There was a bumper crop of trends that were chic, wearable and won’t be embarrassing 5 [...]

The Beauty of Short

It seems that Hollywood got a little “choppy” this week. Renaissance women, such as Jennifer Hudson, Kristin Chenoweth and most recent Jennifer Lawrence decided that a chic, shorter look would be perfect to add to their [...]

The Beauty of the 90′s

The 90’s are back. Looks from the decade that brought us both grunge and Orlando teen pop were all over the Spring 2014 fashion shows. Designers like Alexander Wang and Rodarte were sending models down the [...]

Try Balayage for Brushed In Beauty!

Do you sometimes go to the beauty salon and ask for highlights, get fashioned with a head full of foils, only to have an unpredictable outcome on your finished look? Afterwards, you head home, check the [...]