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Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

2013 Beauty Trends: Thanks and Turkeys

This time of year is about gratitude, and we should be grateful that 2013 was an exciting year for beauty. There was a bumper crop of trends that were chic, wearable and won’t be embarrassing 5 years from now.

Fashion Trends

The Beauty of Short

It seems that Hollywood got a little “choppy” this week. Renaissance women, such as Jennifer Hudson, Kristin Chenoweth and most recent Jennifer Lawrence decided that a chic, shorter look would be perfect to add to their...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

The Beauty of the 90′s

The 90’s are back. Looks from the decade that brought us both grunge and Orlando teen pop were all over the Spring 2014 fashion shows. Designers like Alexander Wang and Rodarte were sending models down the runway dressed in...

Fashion Trends

Try Balayage for Brushed In Beauty!

Do you sometimes go to the beauty salon and ask for highlights, get fashioned with a head full of foils, only to have an unpredictable outcome on your finished look? Afterwards, you head home, check the mirror, and seem convinced...

Fashion Trends

Luxury Hair Styling 101

A call from my salon an hour before my shift can mean a few things. At best, it means that I have had a cancellation and may freely enjoy a few more moments on my sunny fire escape. At worst, it means that I have enjoyed the...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Hair Trend Alert: Spring 2013

I am sure you are all still crafting your Halloween look and picking out the perfect red lip for the holidays. Sorry to distract you, but the Spring 2013 hair trends are knocking on your door.   Bed Head Apparently, for...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Spring Beauty Trends! Already?

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, and there is pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. Fall is knocking at your door. This is the time of year that the beauty and fashion world turn their eyes to spring. You...

Fashion Trends

The power of a Big Change haircut

Miley Cyrus got a lot of ink (do we still say that when it is all on the web, no ink?) for her new haircut. That is to be expected. When a celebrity makes that big haircut change we eat it up.   When you make that big...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Lights, Camera, Hairstyles!

Ever since Clara Bow showed ladies of the world how good you can look in a bob with bangs, movie and TV stars have been a driving force in the beauty industry. While high-fashion trends may seem out of reach for most, a media...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Take Summer Beauty Trends into Fall

You are all going to have to face the fact that summer is one good cold snap from being over. Fall is coming, and so is the dizzying roll-out of new looks. Bright and sunny looks make way for deeper, richer colors and we trade...

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Adventures in Sexy Hair…The Green Bay Edition

My day started really early...3AM...I woke up to a wonderful smile and a pleasant ride to the airport. First time in 20 years my first plane was not late, but the second one was....hahaha...I got a cab from the airport and went...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Beauty Tip: Back to The Future

It seems the 80's trend will be hanging around well into the Fall 2012/Winter 2013 season. Designers like Balenciaga were showing "space-aged materials" and shoulder padded shirts, and everyone on the Yves Saint Laurent Fall...


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