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Fashion Trends

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Orange You Ready for a New Beauty Trend?

I'll admit, I groaned a little when Pantone declared "Tangerine Tango" the color for 2012. Orange is a tricky color to wear. Personally, orange makes me look like an extra on "The Walking Dead" TV show. Luckily, Tangerine Tango...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Great! Big! Hair!

While many women are cropping their locks for the spring, you can't deny big hair is everywhere. From Adele to the Bardot bump, volume is what's hot. Unfortunately, for those of us with fine hair, volume is...not. Sure, for a...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, News

Women’s Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend

Do you find yourself holding on to a long or medium length hairstyle that you have had for several years because you are afraid of change? Numerous women are breaking free from their fear of changing their hairstyle this year and...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Men’s Hair Trend for Spring 2012: A deeper look

On February 8th, I blogged about Men's Trend for Spring 2012.  Let's take a closer look.  Requests from that article promped me to create a video demonstrating how to cut a guy haircut leveraging this trend. Check out the...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Getting Even – With Sideburns

Sideburns should be even.  Or, should they?  I ask that question during cutting classes when we get to that part of a guy haircut.  Most audience members declare, “even”.  I say otherwise.  I believe the object of the...

Fashion Trends

Empire Students Vote on Oscars Favorite Beauty and Fashion Looks

Oscar night maybe Hollywood’s biggest night but it is also the biggest night for Fashion and Beauty followers. We all sit in envy watching each of the stars step onto the red carpet waiting to see who wore it best, who had the...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

We’re Wild About Nails- a Look at the Growing Nail Craze

Nails just keep on growing- not just literally, but in the business world as well. It’s an obvious trend these days, as innovative, fun nail products and colors line the shelves of beauty salons and retail outlets around the...

Fashion Trends

Beauty Re-cap of Music’s Biggest Night: Grammy Awards

Last night was the 54th Annual Grammy Awards where all the musicians and stars came out to support music’s biggest night. Not only do we love honoring the best in music but we can’t wait to see what styles each of the stars...

Fashion Trends

Beauty in Bangs: Does face shape determine your style of bangs

Do you struggle with how to wear your bangs as much as I do? Should I go with no bangs and just part my hair in the middle? How about side sweeping them to one side but if I do that how do I know which side is better? Maybe I go...

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice, Fashion Trends

Men’s Trend Spring / Summer 2012

Blending, blending, blending.  Men’s hair cutting has always been all about blending.  That is not going to change.  When you have the chance to sit in on a training class with me we will discuss men’s hair cutting and...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Man Up for 2012 and Beyond (Ivan Zoot talks hair)

2012 is going to be an exciting year for Empire Students and the world of men’s hair.  I am looking forward to using this forum to share my view of it all.  Join me, it's sure to be a "buckle up" wild...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

Instant Manicure or Pedicure: Is there hope in a nail polish strip?

No more chipped nails, endless applications of polish or expensive, long visits at nail salons?- that’s the premise and promise of the latest fad from the nail world. They are known as nail decals, appliqués, or strips. Just...


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