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Fashion Trends

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Man Up for 2012 and Beyond (Ivan Zoot talks hair)

2012 is going to be an exciting year for Empire Students and the world of men’s hair.  I am looking forward to using this forum to share my view of it all.  Join me, it's sure to be a "buckle up" wild...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

Instant Manicure or Pedicure: Is there hope in a nail polish strip?

No more chipped nails, endless applications of polish or expensive, long visits at nail salons?- that’s the premise and promise of the latest fad from the nail world. They are known as nail decals, appliqués, or strips. Just...

Fashion Trends

Beauty at the Globes: What was the trend of the night?

As the celebrities stepped out onto the red carpet last night at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, the cameras started flashing and everyone started talking about what this year's hottest hairstyles, makeup, and fashion were...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Hair Chalking: Do you think this is a growing beauty trend?

Have you ever wanted to be a little bold or daring with your hair and add some unique colors but were afraid of the commitment or maybe it wasn’t appropriate for school or work?? There is a new trend that seems to be growing...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Are Eyelash Extensions for Me? Pros and Cons

The eyes have it- and always did. They are the focal point of the face, the window to the soul, the feature people remember most, and the one area women will spend the most time and effort on in their beauty routine. It’s no...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Holiday Office Party: 5 easy beauty tips to make you look fabulous

With the holidays right around the corner so are the parties, especially those fun after work parties.  So how can you make sure you are looking your best in front of your co-workers when you don't have much time to go from work...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Beauty in Nails for Fall/Winter: What’s the new Trend?

During the summer months we are so eager to get our manicures and pedicures keeping our nails all polished and looking beautiful. But as the cold weather starts to approach we begin to see the nail polish wearing off. C’mon how...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Fall Trends: Braids, Bobs and Retro Hair Styles with a Modern Edge

As the seasons change so do the trends.  However, there is one trend that will still carry over through the Fall and Winter season and that is the ever present, braid.  Celebrity stylists say, they don't see braids going away...

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice, Fashion Trends

Being a Celebrity Stylist – what’s it Mean?

Working as a celebrity hairstylist can be an exciting and creative way to earn a living and meet interesting people.  There are few careers that offer a person flexibile hours, creative freedom, artistic outlets, and an earning...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

Hot Fall Hair Trends: Do a twist beauty school style

One of the great things about going to beauty school and being in the beauty industry is you will always be up on the latest trends. As each season comes to end you have to know what the next season’s style is going to be.  So...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

How to stay up on TRENDS and TECHNIQUES in the Beauty Industry

Education never stops in the Beauty Industry. What most beauty school students don’t realize is that once you are done school, graduated and even get your state license - the learning doesn’t stop there. This industry is...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Are you looking for a new hair style? that the look for you?

Are you thinking it is time for a new look?  You like the style of a 'bob' but you're just not sure you are ready to get rid of the long locks.  So how can you have the best of both worlds?  That is easy....the 'lob', better...


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