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Fashion Trends

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Hair Fashion: Staying 2 Seasons Ahead

Last friday was the first day of summer, 2012. While I am all set to enjoy summer my mind is on fall and winter. That is how it goes in the world of hair and hair fashion. If you are to set, predict and work with hair fashion...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, How To's

Summer Hair Trends: 4 easy looks you can create on your own

During the summer hot months most of us like to cool off by hanging out at pools or vacation at the beach. With the heat and the humidity that comes along with summer who wants to spend time fussing with their hair? I bet nobody,...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Paying Lipservice to New Beauty Trends

They always say, "the eyes have it," but the beauty trends of 2012 are focusing down. Past seasons have shown us smokey eyes, spider lashes, winged and colored liners paired with a soft glossy lip. While gloss will always be in...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Red Hair Everywhere!

Red hair is the star of the beauty spectrum this year. Stars like Christina Hendricks and Rhianna have taken the notion that, "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" and turned it on its head. Even the redheaded boys, especially those from...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

8 Perfect Hair PROMising Looks!

Prom is just around the corner…. you finally got your dress, the perfect shoes and the matching purse. You are starting to feel like Cinderella but now you have the big decision…how are you going to wear your hair? You...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Bold Beauty & Dress Trends for Summer

Makeup and hair styles for summer 2012 are bursting with color. It’s all about unconventionality, edgy, and unique looks that do more than turn heads. Red lips, blue eye shadow, lots of shimmer, dramatic eyeliner, electric...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Men’s Haircut Trends: Connect with Disconnection

  A key trend element in men’s haircuts today is disconnection. Incorporating a disconnected element into a guy’s cut immediately gives it a fresh and current look. Disconnection refers to the visual effect of...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Beauty and the Brow

We've bleached them, we've plucked them, and we've waxed them into submission. This year, however, the eyebrows return. The beauty trend for Spring and Summer 2012 is a fuller, softer, darker brow than we have seen in previous...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Growing Your Hair

Only second to losing weight, growing out a short haircut can be one of life's most frustrating processes. There is no doubt short hair is trendy, modern, and fresh; however, I see a picture of beachy waves, cute bun up-dos,...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Orange You Ready for a New Beauty Trend?

I'll admit, I groaned a little when Pantone declared "Tangerine Tango" the color for 2012. Orange is a tricky color to wear. Personally, orange makes me look like an extra on "The Walking Dead" TV show. Luckily, Tangerine Tango...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends

Great! Big! Hair!

While many women are cropping their locks for the spring, you can't deny big hair is everywhere. From Adele to the Bardot bump, volume is what's hot. Unfortunately, for those of us with fine hair, volume is...not. Sure, for a...

Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, News

Women’s Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend

Do you find yourself holding on to a long or medium length hairstyle that you have had for several years because you are afraid of change? Numerous women are breaking free from their fear of changing their hairstyle this year and...


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