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Sexy Hair Styling Tip Series (Video 5): Boho Chic Upstyle

It’s prom and wedding season and we are so excited to share with you the  next video from our Sexy Hair Video Series.  In this 5th video Empire Beauty School’s resident Sexy Hair expert, Missy Croquart is [...]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Knowledge Holder – A Thank You to Educators

Ever seen the bumper sticker “If you can read this… thank a teacher“? Educators are the pivotal cornerstone of our society. Without someone to show us the way, we as a society would not have experienced [...]

Who is the Next Master of Beauty?

Even though it was a dreary day in New York City on Sunday, it was an EXCITING day for 3 professional stylists. One year ago on the same International Beauty Show Mainstage, Nick Arrojo and Frank Schoeneman, [...]

Empire Education Group Highlights Industry Leaders in New Video Series

Empire’s Chairman and CEO Frank Schoeneman is encouraging his students to reach for the stars with their new careers. What better way to do that than with a pep talk from some of the top stylists [...]