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Blaine The School

Graduates of Blaine the School are now part of the Empire Beauty Schools alumni and brand. Blaine the School joined Empire Beauty Schools during the Regis School Division merger with Empire Beauty Schools in 2007. The beauty schools continue to have a strong heritage of beauty education and a reputation for excellence in Massachusetts for over 30 years. Originally founded by Henri Blaine who sought to share his expertise while emphasizing craftsmanship and service skills, the beauty schools established a name in the area.

Today, the five cosmetology schools are situated in and around the Boston area and offer Cosmetology training through Empire Beauty School's exclusive and dynamic CLiC Curriculum. The schools also have implemented the same 3D teaching aids as Empire's other schools, as well as integrated highly certified Cosmetology Educators, faculty and staff at each of the schools to offer the most advanced hands-on technical training.

Each school is NACCAS accredited and licensed in the state of Massachusetts, as well as approved to offer Title IV financial assistance.

Blaine the School, now an Empire Beauty School, operates on a continuous basis throughout the year. Classes start soon and new students may enroll at any of the five locations in:

For more than 75 years, Empire has been providing high-quality cosmetology education. In 1935, the first Empire Beauty School opened in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Empire Beauty Schools compounded their growth with the 2007 merger of the Regis Corporation's school division. This strong partnership between Regis and Empire has opened the doors for Empire students to connect with virtually thousands of salons across America.