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Empire Beauty Schools May Be the Perfect Choice

Is there more than one beauty school in your area? What makes an Empire Beauty School different and perhaps better? There are many reasons why thousands of students choose Empire—including:

  • Hands-on training that prepares you for a wide variety of beauty careers
  • Our accreditation and high standards
  • Career placement services.

Most importantly, Empire Beauty Schools is the perfect choice because of our commitment to our students’ educational experience. At Empire, we are dedicated to helping you train for a career that offers unlimited opportunities.

Empire Prepares You for Many Beauty Careers

Empire Beauty Schools offer you the beauty training courses to prepare you for any type of beauty profession. Whether you dream of owning your own salon or creating the latest trends for fashion and runway models, Empire Beauty Schools will provide you all the tools and know-how to get you there. Our reputation is built on our dedication to our students’ educational and career success.

Many successful students, people just like you, chose Empire Beauty Schools for their cosmetology education and are now in the careers they love including:

Every one of our schools are held to the highest of standards. Not only are we licensed in each state we call home, but we also maintain NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences) accreditation. This means we uphold our reputation for excelling at educational performance and maintaining and ensuring your education at any of our over 100 schools. Even better, we are also eligible to participate in Federal Financial Assistance programs such as Title IV.

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Empire Beauty Schools’ High Standards

Every Empire Beauty School is held to high standards. We are licensed in each state we call home, and maintain NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences) accreditation. This means that we uphold our reputation for excelling at educational performance and maintaining the quality of your education at more than 100 schools.

Empire Beauty Schools’ Accreditation

When you attend an accredited school, it is recognized for meeting national standards for educational performance, established by an impartial agency. Also, accredited schools are generally eligible to participate in the Federal government's student financial assistance programs, referred to as Title IV.

Career Placement for Empire Grads

Only at Empire will you have access to our thousands of salon and industry partnerships including Regis Salons. We network for you with our nationwide friends to help you find the job of your choice. Our national reputation in the beauty industry provides us numerous contacts for our graduates to utilize.

Whether you’re looking to work in a salon in your community, or pursue a career in another state or abroad, Empire’s career placement assistance works for you to find you the job of your dreams. And, only at Empire will you have the opportunity to meet local employers and other beauty professionals through school events such as:

  • Competitions
  • Open Houses
  • And fashion shows that highlight your skills

Interactive Curriculum

CLiC offers our future beauty professionals a dynamic and visually appealing approach to their education learning the fundamentals and advanced techniques.

Only Empire Beauty Schools utilize the innovative and interactive Certified Learning in Cosmetology (CLiC) curriculum. This distinctive teaching methodology brings your education to life. CLiC presents a dynamic approach to your education. Unlike many textbooks which are long on text and short on real-world relevance, CLiC textbooks are:

  • Engaging and involving
  • Interesting and visually stimulating
  • Beautiful works of art

Each text progresses from the fundamentals to the complex and advanced skills. Everything you learn is formatted so you can visualize it in the context of an actual salon and professional environment.

Creative Educators

Only Empire Cosmetology Educators are highly trained and seasoned in their respective fields.

Not only does Empire employ a unique curriculum and the latest technology to support our students’ education, but we also have the most highly trained Cosmetology Educators with advanced education and certification under their belts at the forefront of our classrooms. Our educators were students once and worked in the field, and they know what methods work best in education. They have the skills and the creativity to make sure every student, no matter how you learn, understands every aspect of cosmetology. From the fundamentals to the most advanced techniques, our educators are right there with you every step of the way, guiding you through your training through their hands-on approach.


The Latest In Teaching Technology

Our students' are engaged by the latest in digital teaching aids, which support their educational experience and learning.

Cosmetology professionals are visually dynamic and creative people, which is why we’ve implemented the most advanced technology systems such as Whiteboard and Nxtbook to enhance your learning and take your education to another level. Gone are the chalkboards and erasers and in are visual teaching aids to grasp your attention.