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Gain Hands On Skills

From the classroom to the professional salon at your Empire Beauty School, you'll practice and perfect everything you learn so you'll be able to make your clients happy—from the first day of your dream job as a beauty professional.

Each student's education and progress are based on learning concepts and techniques. Applying and practicing them gives you hands-on mastery and high level skills. This will help you stand out in your field—as Empire graduates usually do.

You'll also discover numerous ways to express your individual creativity and artistry—whether you're styling, cutting, coloring, applying makeup, or doing a manicure or pedicure. You'll work with highly realistic mannequins with human hair, life-like eyelashes and high-fashion makeup. You'll use the brushes, irons, air formers, and scissors that you would find in a high-class salon.

And, when you get to the point where you're working in the Empire Beauty School salon, you'll provide expert services for real clients…and getting a real feel for making them happy.