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If you are like most of our students, you may be concerned about how you can afford to pay for beauty school. Becoming a licensed cosmetologist may be more affordable than you think. Consider these facts:

80% of Empire students receive grants—that’s funds for education you will never need to pay back.

All Empire students can earn a $1,000 scholarship, simply by attending school at least 90% of your scheduled hours.

* Not available at all locations.

85% of our students benefit from some sort of financial aid.

For more information on how Empire can help make your education more affordable, watch the following short video.

You owe it to yourself to find out what options you have that can make starting your dream career a reality. You’ll find that there are a variety of grants, loans and scholarships that you may be eligible for. The good news is that no school has more graduates employed in the beauty business than Empire Beauty School—so you can feel confident that we can help you find a financial plan that suits your needs. Take the next step and meet with your school’s Career Planning Specialist, who can help guide you every step of the way.

Graduate Testimonial

Thanks to Empire, I've been able to live out my dreams. My educators prepared me with the knowledge and skills I needed to be successful!

Meghan Lee

2011 Empire Beauty School Graduate