Your 2020 Hair Revolution

by Jess Quandel

Chances are you’ve made a few resolutions along the way. You know, exercise more, eat less, save money… all standard stuff. As we reach that point in January where the cookies are calling, our muscles are sore and we just want to buy that new pair of shoes that don’t quite fit in our budget, let’s take our minds off the cravings, and talk HAIRsolutions!

We asked two amazing Empire Beauty School educators what resolutions we should make for healthier hair in the New Year! What to stop doing, what to start doing, and what 2020 is bringing in terms of new looks.

Let’s start with the no-no’s. Empire Beauty School educator Natalie Spratt of our Bloomington, Minnesota campus says cut down on all those products!

“Product is an amazing tool when used correctly, but when used wrong can cause all sorts of disasters from lack of movement, to dullness, and even overall limp lifeless locks.” Says Spratt. “It is one of the biggest reasons people go back to using non-salon quality products, which is a whole other problem in itself.”

Spratt also says turn down the heat. “Hair only needs between 372-378 degrees to do anything. People are just baking their hair everyday which will cause it to be dry, dull, and ultimately break off.”

And while you’re turning down those irons, Spratt suggests giving your hair dryer a break too. “The last thing I see way to often is someone washing their hair every single day. That is causing so much dryness, and just striping the hair of any of its natural oils.”

While we’re on the topic of shampooing, Rick Legge, Empire Beauty School educator at our Boston, Massachusetts campus says treating your wet hair with care is critical to its overall health.

“You should never wrap your hair in a towel after getting out of the shower,” says Legge. “The wrapping tangles the hair, and unfortunately many people tear through the hair to detangle it.”

And that’s not all when it comes to wet locks. “Two other damaging mistakes I see people make is going to bed with wet or damp hair and going outside in cold weather while the hair is still wet.”

Legge says treat your wet hair with kindness, especially if you process it. “Hair is in its weakest state when it is wet and all of these things create split ends and hair breakage, especially on people with fine hair or colored hair.”

So now that we have the don’ts, let’s talk about the do’s. What should we resolve to do FOR our hair this year? Our Empire Beauty School experts say Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

“Especially here in Minnesota in the winter, everyone needs moisture,” says Spratt. “It is the only way your hair will stay shiny and healthy with all of the heat and chemicals that are put onto it.”

Spratt suggests deep conditioning once a week and using a leave-In conditioner every time you wash.

“Also just overall brushing your hair every day. Brushing the hair and scalp regularly will stimulate blood flow which promotes happy and healthy hair follicles.”

Legge agrees with the moisture and has this tip if you’re already looking dry. “Clear hair glossing is a great remedy for dry, lifeless or overly lightened hair.”

In addition, he has one more tip for lifeless locks. Body waves. “A good body wave can give someone with fine, oily hair a real boost by lifting the hair away from the scalp and slightly swelling the hair shaft.”

Now that we’re prepared to take on the new year with the knowledge we need for healthy hair, what can we expect to see in terms of styles for 2020?

Spratt says, “I think 2020 is going to be about fun, textured, shorter styles. A little edgier and many Natural hair textures. Maybe even a mullet come back.” AKA, Miley Cyrus’s new do!

Legge is seeing the same trends in Boston. “Natural hair looks will continue with a wider range of products being offered. I think the new decade will bid goodbye to long beachy looks. I think there will also be more attention to details and cleaner lines, and for men, there may be the return of the mustache????”

Well, who saw mullets and mustaches making a comeback? One thing is certain, 2020 is the start of a completely new era of hair!

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January 10, 2020

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