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Empire Beauty School graduate, Jade Roetz, owes her success to Empire Beauty School. She initially chose to go to Empire because of its known credibility and teaching staff. She also liked how many professionals stay connected with the school after graduating. After only two years of working professionally, she owns her own salon and has been building up her space for a year and a half. She’s now currently training to become a platform artist to teach other stylists and salon owners about new products and new cutting techniques.

Jade likes that in her career every day is different. She has many new clients, new hairstyles to learn, and other daily challenges. Going to Empire Beauty School has helped her develop her goals and accomplish them as well. She gets a lot of satisfaction when people walk out of her salon because she knows her work has positively affected their confidence and wellbeing. And since moving forward with her career, her friends and family kept telling her how much happier she looked.

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