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Even though Sean Fryer was working a day job, he was easily able to manage coming to Empire Beauty School to help fulfill his dream of becoming a stylist. Before attending Empire, he had seen many ads and commercials for other schools but happily decided to check out Empire. Within moments of setting up his information and booking an appointment, they called him to discuss the school. He really appreciated the quick response and enthusiasm to bring him in and help him become a hair stylist.

He also likes how the school looks and feels like a professional salon. It’s a very comfortable setup where he feels at home and finds the classes to be a great way to ease off from his desk job. This setting also helps students transition to new salons after they graduate. The teachers are very knowledgeable and are current professional stylists so they know how to help you with every situation. With their expertise and great space for learning, students come out ready for the professional world.

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