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Empire Education Group walks the trade show floor to find out exactly why beauty companies love Empire students so much. It all comes down to enthusiasm.

“Their enthusiasm is fantastic,” says a representative of Fantastic Sams Corporation from Beverly, MA. “It’s their enthusiasm for the field and their creativity.”

A rep for Arrojo Studio out of NYC agrees: “I love their enthusiasm. They are so excited and so enthusiastic. They’re a blank canvas because they’re students. They have no bad habits yet. They have nothing to compare it to, and it’s just such a pleasure to talk to them because they’re so enthusiastic.”

A Shark Fin Professional Shears rep from Centreville, IA echoes the “blank canvas” sentiment and tells students that they “can paint it any way” that they want. “You see their eyes light up,” he says, “and their excitement. It’s a great group of people. They love Empire, they love their instructors, and they love this new career that they’re going to be going into.”

“We love the enthusiasm,” says a Repechage Professional Skin Care rep from Seacaucus, NJ. “It just makes us feel very secure that the aesthetics industry is in really good hands.”

Empire Beauty School students go on to forge careers in the world’s top hair and beauty companies.

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