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Empire Chairman & CEO Frank Schoeneman talks with the owner of the “Rock Your Hair” product line, Michael O’Rourke, about how to build a career in the beauty industry. Michael O’Rourke says that it’s important to never give up on your career and to be thankful that you have any opportunity to work in the beauty industry. Understanding your talent and appreciating the gift you’ve been given helps motivate younger stylists to continue with their career. There’s always something you can do to improve yourself and just like all the top professionals, expect the road to success to be a bit bumpy. There will be great times and terrible times but if you push through and never give up, the beauty industry won’t let you down.

Michael O’Rourke is based out of Los Angeles and runs the Institute of Courage. He’s been awarded the North American Hairdressing Awards lifetime achievement award.

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