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Empire Beauty School graduate Leah Perlman’s career recently took her to Africa for two weeks, where she provided hair services and enjoyed the sights of the beautiful country of Tanzania.

Perlman, a graduate of Empire Beauty School in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, took the trip at the request of a client. While there, she did hair for more than 30 women living in the African country, originally from places around the globe.

She set up a makeshift salon in her client’s home, providing haircuts and coloring services to women who find it very hard to find a stylist in the country.

The women spoke to Leah of how difficult it was to find a place to get their hair done, and she needed to fix prior damage as she worked through their hair. “I appreciated how much they appreciated me,” she says.

“I never expected that my career would take me to Africa,” said Perlman. “That is something that seemed too amazing or grand and now I see that anything is within your reach.”


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