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For CLiC International, Lori Weinhold provides an hour-long demonstration of how to do the 45-degree haircut, an elevated haircut also known as the wedge or a graduated haircut.

The tutorial begins with tools already sanitized and the mannequin already draped with a towel and cape. To start, Weinhold demonstrates proper parting and sectioning of the hair; one of the parts will be the guideline for the length of the cut. Once the cutting is complete, Weinhold shows how to check that the cut is even throughout.

The CLiC (Certified Learning in Cosmetology) education system is used at Empire Beauty School, which has more than 100 beauty and cosmetology school campuses across the United States. If you think that becoming a hairstylist or cosmetologist is the career for you, visit to learn how to get started.



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  • I was trying to get this 45 degree haircut and showed it to many hairdressers.
    They won’t do it. They make me look ugly all the time. When I ask just to follow this video, they never do!!.They just chop my hair like a stray dog in a different way.They don’t follow this simple technique.
    They tell me they can get to it by different ways. Never works!!!
    Who do you teach in NJ and how do I get this particular exact haircut?
    Can I come to your school?
    I appreciate your help
    very upset