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News Channel 36 reports on a heartwarming story that took place at a local beauty school. At Empire Beauty School in Concord, NC, Sargent Tara Porter visits her daughter a month earlier than expected at her local beauty school. Her daughter thought she was coming home a month later and was greeted with a huge hug. The army reservist was deployed last may. To help her daughter count the days she’ll be gone, she put 3 skittles in a jar for each day she would be gone and after eating those three a day, she’d be home. But she was able to visit before the jar was empty.

Fox News Rising reports the brand new campus in Pineville. Angela Watson helps share the news. They talk about both how they help give people jobs, and how they help the community. For the grand opening, the Empire campus is offering discounted haircuts and is donating the proceeds to United Family Services.

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