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Empire Beauty School is all over the news in Philadelphia. First, Fox 29 News reports of the Empire Beauty School’s involvement with the anti-abuse program, Cut It Out. Victims of abuse tend to confide in their stylists and D.A. Lynne Abraham wants stylists to become a first line of defense against spousal abuse. Empire includes the curriculum from Cut It Out into their classes in all of their schools. Action News 6 reports that the U.S. Attorney’s office teamed up with Empire Beauty School to help students recognize abuse and report it to the proper authorities.

Eagles Cheerleader, Tracy, works as a model and actress. She auditioned for Empire Beauty School to be in their photo shoots and commercials. She works with many different agencies, and has had great experiences working with Empire. She’s worked many different roles and landed the main presenter for Empire Beauty School’s commercials. As a professional cheerleader, she’s had many opportunities as well to build her career as a freelance model and actress.

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