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Empire Beauty School is all over the news with their various programs and benefits for the local community. First, on Good Evening Arizona, Empire teams up with the program, Cut It Out, to help train stylists on handling cases of spousal abuse. They train stylists to see signs of abuse and to refer them to people that can help. Empire is including training sessions for Cut It Out with their standard curriculum.

On Fox 10 in Arizona, they cover how to get a great rate for spa treatment through Empire Beauty School. The discount prices the schools offer has the same treatments normal salons offer, but Empire has such a good reputation that it’s not as risky as most other school. The rates typically run about 75% off normal salon prices.

Nick Arrojo talks with Arizona TV 7 about how to change your hair for the hot and humid summer weather. For naturally curly hair, he decided to braid the hair to prevent it from getting frizzy. For cool short hair, he suggests a graduated bob, which they teach at the Empire Beauty School. To bring color in your hair from sun damage, they add multi-dimensional highlights, which blend with the sun’s bleaching.

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