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For WRTV Indianapolis, Trisha Shepherd reports in this September 7, 2010 broadcast. “Dominic Pittman is defying the odds,” says Shepherd. “As a foster youth, he graduated from high school and obtained a post-secondary degree. The odds of that happening are very slim when you’re a foster care alum, but Dominic did it with United Way’s ‘Connected by 25’ program.”

“I’m really glad that I had the support I needed to push me through school,” says Dominic, “because I was one of those kids who just didn’t really care about going to school. Now, two years out, I have my second professional license before I’m 21, so I think I’m doing pretty good for myself.”

“I’ve known that I wanted to do hair since I was about 11 years old,” recounts Dominic. Now at Empire Beauty School, he dreams of owning his own day spas a few years down the road.

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