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Her list of celebrity clients, TV work, and resume is enough to make your head spin. It’s almost as if she has been a beauty professional for decades; but for Tracy Balan, her career life started out much different than it’s ended up.

After High School this Brooklyn native went about as far from beauty as you can get, enlisting in Military Intelligence school, later serving in the U.S. Army while attending Georgia Military College.

From there she finished up her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Medgar Evers College and went to work in the corporate world.

But after a few years, her lifelong love of doing hair and makeup was calling her down a different path.

“When I was in the military, people had something to say about my hair.” says Balan. “Then at my marketing job, people had a problem with my hair. I said OK, I think it’s time I do hair!”

She admits before beginning classes at Empire she felt like she knew nearly everything there is to know about hair.

“When you grow up in an African American family you know how to do hair. It’s part of the culture. We are raised braiding and straightening.”

But the first day of school was an eye opener for Balan who said her instructor told her to forget everything she thought she knew about hair.

Read more about Tracy’s journey here:

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