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Different graduates from Empire Beauty School discuss their success after graduating and why they chose to attend Empire.

Leah Perlman, stylist at Bell Tower Salon, knew right away that this was the right school for her. She’s very creative and ambitious, and the program at Empire gave her focus and an outlet for her creativity.

Jade Roets, salon owner, learned a lot about the entire beauty business. People can come out of school with careers not just as stylists, but with various positions within the beauty and cosmetology industries. Just a few examples are platform artists, sales people for beauty products, salon managers, and more.

Kim Briner, Empire graduate, appreciates the self-fulfilling work ethic that she learned from Empire. She also finds that her relationships with her customers exceed the simple client to professional relationship. She gets to know her clients personally and gets to help them with their personal problems. She’s treated like a good friend with important secrets that help her bond with her clients.


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