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Cara Walsh, Empire Beauty School student was busy finishing up her last few weeks of school when she was contacted by organizers of the national artist showcase RAW, Natural Born Artists.

“She found me online from my Behance profile. I got a message inviting me to showcase my work at the next RAW event in Philadelphia.” says Cara.

Cara says she plans to display her work as a makeup artist. It’s a passion that took this college graduate, who holds a college degree, to beauty school.

“I went off to college and graduated with a degree in graphic design, but I always had an interest in makeup. After I graduated, I needed to start paying back my student loans, and I got a job working at Sephora. It opened my eyes to a whole career in makeup. It was then I knew I wanted to get my license and pursue this path.”

She began as a night student at the Wyoming Valley Empire Beauty School in Moosic, PA, while continuing to work full time at Sephora. Her goal was to get through school, graduate and begin a career as a makeup artist. No matter how hard it would be.

“I think you have to be true to yourself. You can be working in a field you went to school for, in a job making a lot of money, but if you are not doing what you want, you will always be thinking about it.”

Cara recently graduated from Empire Beauty School, ready to finally pursue her dream career. She says she has learned a lot along the way, even a new passion for nail art and hair color. But if you look at her social media pages, it’s all about her original love, makeup.

“I like teaching people how to apply everyday makeup, but the artist in me likes the fun stuff too.”

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