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From beauty school to the big city, our master apprentice winner , Kristy McGunnigle, is 6 months into her job at Arrojo Studio and  she is learning through every minute of it. Kristy, a graduate from ,our Williamsport Pennsylvania campus beat out 500 other empire students for a chance to work as an apprentice at Arrojo in Manhattan’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. In the short time she has been there she has already come a long way.

“She is coming into her own, and I am really excited to see exactly what she is going to bring as a hair stylist because she is getting the skills that are going to bring her career to the next level and they will last her forever” – Nick Arrojo

McGunnigle assists a different stylist each day as well as takes Arrojo classes on unique styles and trends. The typical apprenticeship lasts about 18 months. Kristie plans on learning as much as she can while she is there.

“When you assist stylists, you get o se how they take their education that they learned and kind of tweak it to how they interact with their clients and how they go about a haircut” – Kristie McGunnigle

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