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Empire Education Group

As the leading group of cosmetology schools in the U.S., with over 100 schools in 22 states and 20,000 students currently enrolled and training annually for professional careers in the beauty industry, Empire Education Group continues to dedicate the company's time and resources to creating opportunities for people to improve their lives.

For more than 80 years, Empire has maintained this strong heritage and tradition of training future beauty professionals for rewarding and in-demand careers in the beauty industry. And, all Empire Education Group schools are also backed by the Regis Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company, and industry partner of Empire Education Group.

High-Quality Cosmetology Education

Empire Education Group students receive a high-quality cosmetology education, led by our seasoned instructors and aided by our friendly faculty and staff.

Select schools offer full & part time programs, as well as specialized career fields for:

Certified Learning in Cosmetology (CLiC)

Our unique Certified Learning in Cosmetology (CLiC) curriculum provides a visually dynamic approach to education, which is also enhanced by digital teaching aids such as White Board and Nextbook technologies.

And, our state-of-the-art schools feature elegant Student Salons where students gain hands-on training in a real-world environment. Students learn marketing, business and retail skills in the Student Salon working with real clients, performing professional beauty services from the Guest Services menu.

Beyond The Classroom

Empire goes beyond the classroom and incorporates events to enhance students' training and education through fundraising activities, humanitarian programs, outreach services, career networking opportunities, and much more.

Empire students also form bonds with the community through Empire's own philanthropic initiative–Empire Gives Back–which sponsors both CUT IT OUT, a national salon industry program combating domestic violence, and local women and children shelters and actively involves the Empire schools, students and staff in their communities. Students have the opportunity to participate in Empire's National Day of Beauty event—a day dedicated to providing beauty services to the public with proceeds donated to local domestic abuse shelters across the country.

Green Initiatives

And, as a supporter for environmentalism, Empire is leading the cosmetology school industry in the employment of green building initiatives–recently receiving considerable recognition for recent locations in Florida and North Carolina. Empire's eco-friendly schools employ water and energy saving technology as well as recycling centers and other eco-conscious features.

Empire Education Group continually strives to uphold and exceed the organization's reputation for excellence in education, by providing the most advanced and innovative opportunities and programs to support Empire students nationwide.