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Am I too old for Beauty School?

BlogBeauty Student Advice | February 19, 2014

Am I too old for beauty school

My office affords me a perfect view of the salon floor. I love the energy and snippets of conversation that drift through my door. The age range is diverse and spanning several decades. Some have children, some have grandchildren, and some beam with excitement over a burgeoning relationship; no matter the state of their lives they all share this school and this education in common. It’s more than enough to start a conversation on the first day that will last until graduation. This is something I’m afraid not everyone realizes when they walk through our doors that first time.

I meet with prospective students of all ages each week. One thing I’ve found is that there is a trend among those over the age of 30 asking me if they’re “too old” for beauty school. The short answer is: absolutely not! I do think, though, that this is the basis of one of the biggest struggles some of my student’s face. For reasons that some will share and others will hold close, beauty school is something they’ve dreamed of doing for a long time and never had the chance to accomplish. It’s easy for me to say that it’s never too late, but often times the obstacles these students present are entirely self-created.

Age truly has nothing to do with your success here. You all have the same excitement in common that brought you here to learn and, regardless of your age, you will bond together because of it. Everyone’s lives have taken a different path; it pays to do some self-reflection and realize that if your dream of beauty school has come up time and again over the years then it’s probably something you were meant to do. I see it every day; that glow of excitement when they master their first haircut, acrylic nail, or updo. That look is the same for everyone and is never tinged by the fear of being “too old”. In that moment you will realize that everything you’ve done up until this point has been to bring you here at the time that it was perfect for you. So yes, you may have wished you had done this 20, 30, maybe even 40 years ago, but you had your reasons that, at the time, meant the world to you. If this is when the thought of coming to school has crept up once more, I will be here to get you ready and remind you that age is just a number. Besides, there are much more important numbers to focus on while you’re here, like color formulas!

Alexandra Luce

Written by Alexandra Luce

I have been with Empire since September of 2012 and every day my students teach me something new. I love having the opportunity to meet people excited about the industry. It's always amazing to see a student's transformation from their first meeting with me through their graduation day. Blogging with Empire gives me a chance to share my experiences and utilize my background in English. Working in the Rochester area has been amazing and I look forward to meeting some of you here in the future.


  • Noemi Corona says:

    It’s necessary GED diploma

  • Jeana says:

    I’m so glad I read this article, as I am seriously considering going to beauty school at the age of 39. I’m a two year cancer surviver, unemployed, and just need some career oriented direction in my life. I’m tired if working in retail; I want to make a difference, to bring all my creativity and imagination to the industry. I will definitely contact my local Empire Beauty School in Green Bay, and find out if it is something I can realistically go forward with, financially speaking.

    • Jess Quandel Jess Quandel says:

      Hi Jeana,
      If you would like to learn more about our programs our Career Planning Specialists can go over everything with you and answer any questions you might have. Please give us a call at 1-800-491-9647 or fill out the online form that is on this blog and we will give you a call. We look forward to talking with you.

  • Cher schafer says:

    Reading these articles has lit a fire in me I thought was long gone. I had a long hard life which I worked hard to change. Finally it has became everything I ever dreamed of. And in only a few short years, I married the perfect man for me, gave birth to an angel who is now two. Only thing missing is a career I can wake up and be excited to go to. At 41, this is more important to me than salary. Beauty is my hobby. I love keeping up with hair, skin, makeup and fashion trends. I’ve always had a natural knack for it. I AM SO READY FOR THIS. And like I said. The fire is lit. Time to fan the flames!!

  • Cassie says:

    Is there a minimum age requirement?

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