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Beauty Student Advice

Beauty Student Advice, Campuses

Bravo Star Tabatha Coffey Gives Career Advice

One of the beauty industries most recognizable faces spent time with Empire students recently at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, Illinois.

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice

Behind the Chair: How to Prevent Injury While Working

Cosmetology is a physically taxing profession. I watch my students stand for hours on end while working on a client and can often see the signs of muscle fatigue that accompany a new stylist not yet accustomed to the demands of...

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice

Staying Current: The Importance of Continuing Education

The first time I meet with the student we go over all the different avenues down which they can travel with their career. Regardless of the direction you take, one thing is for certain: this industry will continue to evolve and...

Beauty Student Advice

How long will it take to build a successful career in the beauty industry?

There are certain factors that will influence how long it takes you to succeed in your career:  continuing education, the environment you choose, proper guidance, experience and a lot of initiative on your part! Choose a...

Beauty Student Advice

Confidence, a How-To

I meet with a number of students that feel the incredibly normal nerves of starting something new. They come to me knowing where the passion is and hope to turn that into a career they will love forever. The whole process of...

Beauty Career, Beauty Student Advice

“Help Wanted”…… What You Need To Know as a Nail Tech

Close to graduating?    Or have you already graduated and you’re contemplating your next move?   Before you head out to interview, there are some important things you need to know.

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips

How to Boost your Creativity in your Beauty Career

We encourage our students to use all kinds of resources to boost their creativity. Google search and Pinterest are always reliable when trying to find an interesting color or cut.   In the very beginning of your career it is...

Beauty Student Advice

Getting the Most Out of Continuing Education

This week's singing birds, longer days, and melting snow whisper spring's arrival to Pennsylvania. I couldn't be more excited! At the salon, it is the time of year when I ask my clients about their upcoming summer plans and...

Beauty Student Advice

Am I too old for Beauty School?

My office affords me a perfect view of the salon floor. I love the energy and snippets of conversation that drift through my door. The age range is diverse and spanning several decades. Some have children, some have...

Beauty Student Advice

5 Reasons to Consider Cosmetology

If you are reading this, chances are the thought has crossed your mind at one time or another-should you become a cosmetologist? It certainly seems fun and interesting enough, but is it the right fit? Well first of all, kudos to...

Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips

All Dressed in Black (part 1)

Black. Everywhere. If you are a stylist at a salon with a dress code like mine, you have it too. The Black Plague and it's contagious.  I am sure that I began my hair career with just a few basic black pieces to get me through a...

Beauty Student Advice, Empire Alumni

My Inspiration for the New Year

Welcome to 2014. The new year. Tis' the season for Resolutions, Reminiscing, and Regrouping from December's hectic schedule. The holidays were a heavy time at The Bell Tower this year. In December of 2012 we lost one of our...


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