Campuses — 07 March 2013

Cosmetology Students at Beauty Career DayStudents and staff from the Avondale, Glendale, and North West Phoenix, Arizona, cosmetology schools  participated in a community career day, showcasing their skills and discussing cosmetology as a future professional career to many young people at the Experience Your Future Day in April.

Experience Your Future Day was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium and offered a unique opportunity for Empire Beauty Schools to showcase a cosmetology career to Arizona’s future workforce.

The event was a career experiential learning day designed for 8th grade students to gain hands-on exposure to a variety of career opportunities and industries. The idea was to give students the opportunity to find out what it is really like in a career as they begin to make their decision on their future. Over 7.500 eight graders from the area schools were invited to the event.

Students from three of Arizona Empire Beauty Schools game visual demonstrations on braiding and performed manicures, while answering questions from the young attendees.

“The event was great, the young students enjoyed the hands on experience,” said Tamara Anbach, Executive Director for the NW Phoenix School. “It was very enjoyable to talk to the teachers and to invite them into one of our campuses to be pampered when school let out. Many of the students and teachers did not realize that our campuses offer such wonderful salon services,” added Ansbach.avondale-beauty-career-day-2

The schools also interacted with other vendors at the career event to bring more awareness about Empire Education Group and the schools.

“My students from Avondale and one of our instructors showed the students how to do different braids (corn rows, three strand and basket weaving) on our mannequins. They also showed their children different nail art designs that one of the nail tech students from the Glendale campus created for the event, and the children were able to create their own,” noted Dagmar Keller, Executive Director of Avondale school.

The Empire Beauty School students and staff made such an impression, Lisa M Zarada, General Manager for the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, sent a special note to Empire Education Group was doing the most with the opportunity. Your team was professional and engaging and really implemented some of the ideas we discussed prior to the event,” said Zarda.