Campuses — 25 March 2011

ivan-zoot-3Ivan Zoot, a.k.a. ClipperGuy, has broken a few Guinness World records for the most haircuts done in under an hour with clipper, and with a little help from the students and staff at Empire’s Arlington Heights, Illinois, school, he set the bar in hopes of breaking his fourth world record.

In May, Zoot enlisted student support from Empire to assist him with his first practice event.  The students and staff gathered volunteers to be clipped by Zoot. The event was one of many to come as he fine-tuned and finessed his skills to break the record.

With 10 student assistants and 100 students and guests, Zoot completed 14 haircuts in 27 minutes and 40 seconds.  The student assistants each received a haircutting tool, compliments of Zoot for their participation in the event.

Zoot noted that the successful practice event at Empire indicated he was well ahead of record pace.  He is set to break his fourth world haircutting record on August 22 and 23, 2008.

Zoot is the director of education and training for the Andis company.  Andis clippers are part of every Empire student cosmetology hit.  He also manages a team of industry educators for Andis.