Campuses — 27 March 2011

empire beauty at paris   Reading, PA, Academic Director Michaele Schaeffer and Bloomington, MN, Academic Director Amy Heinzen enjoyed the food, the flavor and the ”highlights” during their trip to the Goldwell Color Zoom event in Paris.

Since Schaeffer won Educator of the Year at Empire Education Group’s Future Pro Expo in 2010 and Heinzen won Academic Director of the Year, the two were treated to the Goldwell educational expo in Paris.

Nearly 400 professionals from North America attended the event, and 2,000 total individuals from around the world headed to Paris for Goldwell’s Color Zoom Expo.

“We had great tours, the food was presented so beautifully.  There was a hair show that was out of this world – with high fashion runway type of work displayed.  The overall experience was amazing and I’m very happy to have been part of this event,” said Heinzen of her experience.

“The Goldwell color zoom dinner was quite a show, lots of creativity.  We did learn the color and placement of the color that was used on the models,” said Schaeffer, who continued, “it was a great experience overall and again, I am happy to have won this trip as part of my National Educator of the Year prize.”

The two ladies enjoyed the majestic and beautiful sights of Paris such as Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and a boat trip down the Seine River.

“I had a wonderful time in Paris!  I really appreciate being able to take this trip.  I can’t even explain the feeling of the experience,” added Schaeffer.