Campuses — 27 March 2011

portage-michigan-beauty-studentsEmpire’s annual Empire Gives Back fundraising competition brought in $457,336.09 in donations, supplies and free services for shelters across the country.

During the five months competition, which began in August, schools competed to see which could raise the most per student.  Schools with $50 per student will receive 3 free seats to Future Professional Expo, while those raising $100 per student will receive 10 seats.

Each school will present their donation to their adopted shelter during their 2011 Celebrating Mom Open House.

Along with the cash donations, items like clothing, toys and food collected by students will go a long way in helping thousands of women living in shelters within our communities.

Each school is encouraged to keep their shelters in mind throughout the year, offering free beauty services to residents and collecting much needed donations.  Great job to all our students and staff!