Campuses — 31 January 2011

The Kennesaw, Georgia, Empire Beauty School presented a check in the amount of $2,075.32 to their local anti-domestic violence shelter, Cherokee Family Violence Center during their Celebrating Mom open house event on Monday.

The school also donated clothing and canned goods to the shelter residents.  A representative from the shelter was very appreciative of the gifts and of the students’ generosity.

Welcomed guests and mothers were pampered with complimentary beauty services, refreshments and entertainment.  The Kennesaw school held a fashion show makeover event.  Students brought in their moms for a makeover and a mother/daughter walk down the runway.kennesaw-beauty-school-1

The students also make ribbons to wear on their shirts for the day to honor their mothers.  They decorated the ribbons with pictures and words that reminded them of mom such as generous, caring, loving, giving and phenomenal.  The most common word to describe mom was “Everything” because mom is everything to them.