Campuses — 26 March 2011

Pamela Roberts, a 1979 Hair Design School graduate, was featured in the local Oldham County newspaper for her two notable salons she and her daughter, Regina Embry, own and operate together in Kentucky, Hair Classics and Hair Classics II.  The article notes that Roberts and her daughter operate the only salons that treat African American hair in the county.

Roberts, an Oldham, KY, resident saw the need for stylists with familiarity treating African American hair.  With her experience and education behind her, she opened her first salon, Hair Classics in La Grange, KY, in 1981.  “No one in the area had opened an African American hair salon, Mine is the only one in the area,” she said.  Her daughter, also a stylist, managers her second salon, Hair Classics II, in Crestwood, KY, which recently opened.

“Growing up as a teen, I was doing everyone’s hair and before you knew it I was doing everyone’s hair in the neighborhood,” Roberts laughed about how she got her start in cosmetology.  “I just had a passon for it.  I liked communicating with people,” she noted.

Roberts two salons are located at 606 Crystal Place, Suite 11 in La Grange and 7600 East Orchard Grass Boulevard in Crestwood.