Campuses — 08 April 2009


June 8, 2009

Anne McGraw Reeves, who writes the Harrisburg life column for The Patriot-News, attended Empire Education Group’s annual Future Professionals Expo, a major beauty industry event, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. In an article for, Reeves said, “I watched in amazement as talented hair stylists from across the country cut, curled and colored to perfection during the Future Professionals Expo.” Beauty school students from “Empire Beauty Schools, winners of their local competitions, vied for national titles in five hair, nail and makeup categories,” according to Reeves.

Reeves was particularly impressed with “Ashley Wolfe, a student at the Empire Beauty School in Harrisburg,” who “competed in the long-hair evening design competition,” says Reeves. “In that category,” Empire cosmetology school students “had only an hour to create intricate and elaborate designs on their human-hair mannequins.” Reeves says that the beauty school students “did things with hair I never imagined possible. Calling them hairstyles is like calling the Sistine Chapel a painting. Long hair or short, the designs were truly works of art.”

Harrisburg Empire Beauty School student Ashley Wolfe “patterned her style after the fashion of the 1980s. Her Material Girl mannequin looked ready to go for a night of clubbing with Madonna herself.” According to Reeves, Wolfe said that “coming up with a winning style took more than a comb and brush.” She invested plenty of time in researching ‘80s styles and in practice and trial and error before the Harrisburg beauty school student could create “something flashy, something that would stand out.”