Campuses — 08 April 2011

milwaukee-beauty-school-eventThe Milwaukee Empire Beauty School students hosted a Valentine’s Day event to help them upsell their services. The promotion began in the beginning of February as the school placed lollipops with color coded dots on the bottom in a container. Any guest who spent $25 or more was eligible to pull a lollipop to win a prize.

“We thought this would be a great way to help students upsell; especially when a guest was at $21, $22, $23 or $24,” noted the school’s Executive Director Brian Peters.

For the students’ efforts, Peters offered to buy pizza and prizes for students wearing Valentine’s Day colors in red, pink or white on the day of the event. The staff encouraged the students to get into the spirit of the holiday. “We also told them we wanted this to be a fun day and to inspire fun,” said Peters, who also raffled off boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates, Valentine’s Day pez dispensers and other novelty items. “Any student wearing pink, red, and white received a raffle ticket. Throughout the day, I pulled tickets and announced winners. It was really a lot of fun,” said Peters.

During the day the students were busy on the salon floor and entertaining their guests during the event. “The students had a great time, the guests loved the excitement and enthusiasm, we were extremely busy all day, and it was such a big hit that I had students request a similar event on St. Patrick’s Day in March,” added Peters.