Campuses — 28 March 2011

bordentown-hair-olympicsThe Bordentown, NJ, Empire Beauty School held a special event earlier this year to encourage the students to find their own creativity and potential.

The Hair Olympics was a great challenge as the category for the students to compete in was to style hair inspired by the 1960s era.

The Educators showed the students styles from that time and students’ imaginations took over.  The old styles encompassed many techniques that required rollers, teasing and other techniques the students don’t use very often.  The participants were judged on execution, fitting of the era, how well they used their creativity, and all was to be completed in an hour.  Friends and family members were invited to join the event.  “All and all, it was fun and an experience for the students,” added Kathleen Kaminski, Director of Education.

“They were excited to win actual medals, which were presented at our student meeting to the winners.  The entire school gathered together to congratulate all the winners and participants,” noted Kaminski.