Campuses — 28 March 2011

bordentown-beauty-school-donation  The Bordentown, NJ, beauty school donated $1249.67 to their local domestic violence shelter, The Providence House, during their 100 Days of Empire Open House event. Representatives

of the shelter plan to return to the school to offer training on how to identify signs of domestic abuse and how to approach a client or a situation, not only with clients but for themselves, as well.

In addition to the donation, the school celebrated Hair Around the World. All the classrooms were decorated with a specific country in mind such as; France, Italy, Mexico, Germany, and Ireland. A mannequin competition was also a featured event during the open house as students styled their mannequin’s hair and makeup using any theme from their “country.” After the students where finished styling, they walked down the runway with their mannequins to show off their skills and for the judging portion of the event.

The students also offered free beauty services such as hairstyles and cuts to welcomed guests.  Prospective students were also greeted and given tours of the school and student salon. Local business and community members were also on hand to meet the students and staff.