Campuses — 08 April 2009


Providence, Rhode Island Empire Beauty School Featured in Article: “Beauty on a budget: where to find discounted services in Rhode Island”

In this article, Laura Lass of the Providence Beauty Examiner, begins by saying, “Many of us are having to cut our budget. And none of us want to cut the beauty from it.” She recommends that her readers “Consider having your beauty treatments done at a school of beauty instead of the usual day spa. Prices are normally a fraction of the cost and the quality of the service is just as good.”

Lass emphasizes that “Beauty schools offer an array of services in which their students get to practice their skills on actual people (under supervision of course). They gain experience and you gain a good deal.” Also current beauty school students “are learning the newest techniques available in the world of beauty and many of them have a fresh outlook on what’s hot.”

One of Lass’s recommendations is the Empire Beauty School in Providence, Rhode Island on Broadway or the Warwick, Rhode Island Empire Beauty School on Bald Hill Road.