Campuses — 15 January 2011

Queens Empire Beauty School Featured in The New York Times Article

Queens Empire Beauty School Featured in The New York Times Article: “The Haircut’s Free. Perfection? That’s Another Story”

The Empire Beauty School in Queens, New York was featured in a New York Times article about the increasing number of people who are avoiding the high cost of beauty salons and choosing to take their chances with beauty school students instead. For example, according to the article, Jessica Lennon “never minded paying $140 (plus $40 tip) for a high-end” haircut at a beauty salon on Fifth Avenue in New York. “But after months of bad economic news, Ms. Lennon, a 24-year-old publicist,” turned to a place that “offers free trainee cuts on Tuesday nights.”

And, according to The New York Times, some beauty schools “are reporting a surge of first-time clients, many of whom say they can no longer afford their usual salon appointments.” The article uses Empire Beauty Schools as an example, stating that the Empire cosmetology schools “have seen increased business across the country, especially in cities like New York, where salons are more expensive.”

The Empire Beauty School in Queens, New York, is called the Astoria Beauty School, and it is located at Broadway and Steinway streets near 38th Street. According to The New York Times article, this particular Queens cosmetology school “served about 350 customers in January, 50 percent more than the year before.” Laurence Nunes, Director of Education at the Astoria Empire Beauty School in Queens, was interviewed for the article. He says, “Normally we have a more mature clientele but now we’re seeing younger professionals.”